New music from: Rorschach Test “Bottomless Dancer”
Rorschach Test was formed in Denver, Colorado, and later relocated to Seattle, WA. where they were signed to the now defunct label Slip Disc Records out of Chicago, Illinois. They enjoyed a successful career during Seattle’s lively music scene in the 90’s. They toured North America playing shows with the likes of Korn, Type O Negative, Genitorturers, and Queensrÿche. And now they are back…with new incredible music. A new album is set to be released by Rorschach Test on 02/02/2020.

Rorschach Test

Rorschach Test Official YouTube Channel

Rorschach Test
Song “Satan”
From the movie The Black Circle Boys (1997)

Rorschach Test
Song “Bottomless Dancer” (2019)

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